We stand behind this great islamic scholar. We support him. He is a true believer and an amazing personality. He is a main supporter of holy islamic revolution in Iran. These are the real reasons why he is now attacked by englisch pro-zionist media.

We liked to publish the open letter by Dr. Yavuz Özoguz from today adressing AIM London:

„Thankful open letter to AhlulBayt Islamic Mission (AIM) for your resistance in today’s Kufa

In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful

Dear Brothers and Sisters of AIM,

As-salamu-alaikum. We, as your humble brothers and sisters in Germany, send you our greetings and salams expressing our gratefulness to the Almighty, that we have learned so much from your videos and your lecturers, which you have shared with us via Internet. Especially we are grateful to have learned about Sheikh Hamza Sodagar and from his lectures, which you are publishing for several years. Due to you we could learn from him and invite him to Germany last spring. For sure he is one of the outstanding representatives of Islamic freedom movement.

You are those, who love today’s Islamic movement’s symbol figure Imam Khamene’i, and you are those who have sent letters of invitation to one of his spiritual students for the days of Ashura to fill our hearts with mercy, the mercy of Allah, about which he is speaking so often. You have invited Imam Khamene’i and those, who love to kiss his injured hand, in the hope, that one day our awaited pure Imam will come. Together with you, we are those, who teach that every day is Ashura and every land is Karbala. Allah the Almighty gives us the mercy to examine, how serious we are in our own words. Alhamdulillah, you as the English followers of the true Islamic freedom movement under the protection shield of Wilayat, are not as the people of Kufa. You do not invite the Imam and his supporters to let them alone. You resist the propaganda campaigns of today’s Yazids and their helpers among Muslims and others. You strengthen the today’s Ashab of Imam Husayn (a.) all over the world with your fortitude and prove that the time of an Imam being alone in Kerbela is nearing its end. You defy the oppressors with your “hayhaat minna zhilla” (never oppression; important word of Imam Husayn) and prove that we will no longer let our Imam alone. Full of hope we are awaiting the further word of your lectures in the eminent last nights of Muharram and will learn from the lectures of Sheikh Hamza, even if they are held under difficulty conditions.

May Allah bless you, for your courage which is an example for us in Germany.
In the name hundreds of German Followers of Imam Khamene’i we send you our greetings and salams and request fro you your doas (prayers) for us.

Dr. Yavuz Özoguz
Director of the Encyclopaedia of Islam (eslam.de)
Chairman of Islamic Way (islamischer-weg.de)
Webmaster of khamenei.de
Commentator of German Pars Today (IRIB)
Author of 12 books“

May Allah bless and protect Scheikh Hamza Sodagar

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